Hi there!  I’m Tania.  Thanks for visiting Vintish Love!

I started Vintish Love because I had a little booth in a lovely home décor market store (you know; thriftiques, new stuff, old stuff, handmade items, etc.) in Georgia.  I loved having a booth, but I closed it due to lack of time to get there to clean, organize and add stock in a timely manner each week.  Before I could completely close it out, we got word that my husband had been offered a promotion and we would be moving to Texas.  Vintish Love allows me to keep a “booth” no matter where we are and what I’m doing.

A little about me:

I am addicted to shopping antique stores, thriftique stores, estate sales, garage sales, and charity stores.  I love vintage items, quirky stuff and making things. I love crafts, coffee, sewing, signs, art and desserts.  Oh, and I love furniture, too! I am still figuring out painting techniques, but I have done a few pieces and really enjoy it.  I have a few pieces in storage waiting to go when I have the time and space to work on them.

Because I can’t keep all the things I find and buy (believe me, I’ve tried, hoarding is bad for my family and my psyche) I will list items on this site that I had to have in my possession for at least a little while!  For now, the items you see on this site can only be purchased through my Etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/VintishLove.  A direct link to each item will be provided for your convenience.

Also, while you’re here join me in the blog!  Come with me on my journey to visit stores I love, new stores yet discovered and hopefully lots of markets!  You can also find me and Vintish Love on Pinterest (which I am also addicted to), Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Thanks for taking the time to read about me and Vintish Love.  I hope you find something you love!


Me & Nyx
Me and my faithful helper, Nyx



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