Hi and thank you for visiting VintishLove!

So what does Vintish mean?  It means anything that looks old, even if it isn’t.  This may include actual antiques, vintage items and items made to look antique, vintage or worn.  It’s about the look and not the age!

VintishLove is my place for my handmade junk journals, journal ideas, digital and tangible supplies and Vintish collectibles that I have found and loved and now need a new home.

A little about me:

I love going to antique stores, thriftique stores, estate sales, garage sales, and charity stores.  I love vintage items, quirky stuff and making things. I love crafts, coffee, sewing, signs, art, desserts and of course, my family!

Because I can’t keep all the things I find and buy (believe me, I’ve tried) I list items that I had to have in my possession for at least a little while!

Visit my Etsy shop.  

You can also find VintishLove on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram

I hope you find something you love!




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